Dom Peter Burns – a Benedictine vocation as potter and iconographer

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Dom Peter – potter and iconographer

James Burns was born and brought up in Wimbledon, London, where he attended Wimbledon College.

Dom Peter

studied at Wimbledon School of Art, The West Surrey College of Art and Design (now the University of the Creative Arts) Farnham, and the Institute of Education Bloomsbury.

He joined the monastery in 1984. His theological studies were at Heythrop College and the Pontifical University of Saint Thomas Aquinas (Angelicum) in Rome.’ During his studies in Rome Dom Peter resided at the international Benedictine Collegio Sant’ Anselmo. He was a member of the schola there.

Dom Peter’s ministry to 2013

After studies and ordination in 1990, Dom Peter served as a priest in St Benedict’s Parish for more than twenty-five years. For eight years he served as parish priest (pastor). He has also served as assistant director of the Benedictine Study and Arts Centre since its establishment in 1992.

Dom Peter’s new service to the community

With the full support of Fr Abbot and the monastic community Dom Peter is now developing Ealing Abbey pottery and icon painting.

Dom Peter contributes reviews of recent art exhibitions and art books to a new publication: ‘Benedictine Culture’. This is an ‘Occasional Review of Practical Theology’ published by the Benedictine Study and Arts Centre at Ealing Abbey at Ealing Abbey.

The Review includes sections on: Doing Theology, Education and Formation, Tradition, Faith and Culture, Obsculta, Letters, Abbey Chronicle, reviews of book, arts and music.

Editor Dom James Leachman told ICN: “We are not competing with any other publication, just filling the gap to serve the wider British/Irish Benedictine world and promoting conversation and mutual understanding within the Catholic Church.”

At the Benedictine Study and Arts Centre students and volunteers share in aspects of monastic life by both partaking in courses of study and by learning to understand the monastic tradition of hospitality, fidelity and a life centred on community, reflection and prayer.

“The Gallery” in the Benedictine Study and Arts Centre is an area used for occasional art exhibitions organized by Dom Peter Burns. Brian Whelan is one of the contributors to past exhibitions.

For more information contact:; leave a message at: +44 (0)20 8862 2156.

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