The Benedictine Institute

The Benedictine Institute was formed in 2015 as an umbrella organisation for various other works of Ealing Abbey. In 1992 the monastery started the Benedictine Study and Arts Centre. By 2015 the range of activities had broadened. These activities now include liturgy, languages, icon painting, and the Ealing Abbey Lay Plainchant Choir.

Courses and activities are run at a variety of levels, from beginner to Master’s. Master’s level courses are units approved by the Katholik University of Leuven, in Belgium (KUL). Languages taught include Latin and Syriac. There is also a summer school for languages and some other courses.

In addition, the Benedictine Institute organises the annual Bede Lecture. This is given by a guest speaker on a subject usually related to the liturgy in some way. Previous lectures have included topics such as church architecture and the Vatican II liturgical reforms.

The main building of the Benedictine Institute is in Castlebar Road.