Our Works

Although monks try to live a life of prayer in dedication to God, this also involves work. Some work helps to raise money for us to live, while other work is to spread Christ’s message of salvation. Sometimes, both are combined.

Our two main works now are Ealing Parish and the Benedictine Institute. The parish is large, with 6 Masses every Sunday, including the monastic Conventual Mass, and 3 on weekdays, including the Conventual Mass.

The Benedictine Institute offers courses, lectures, and other aspects of the spiritual life to the public. Courses include liturgy, Latin, icon painting, It also includes the Ealing Abbey Lay Plainchant Choir, which sings at a parish Mass once per month.

It is also important to be able to relax at times. Although there is a general rule of silence, there are set times each day when we come together to refresh ourselves.