The horarium is the timetable for when monks come together to praise God. Monks praise God several times each day. Although it is almost the same every day, there are some small changes.

You can read more about the Divine Office here.

Services in the Abbey Church can be seen on our livestream.


7.40   Lauds
10.30 Community Mass: accompanied by the Ealing Abbey Choir in term time
13.00  Sext (in the St Rupert Chapel)
18.00 Vespers
19.30 Compline (in the St Rupert Chapel)

Monday to Friday

6.00   Matins
7.00   Community Mass
7.40   Lauds
9.00   Terce (in the St Rupert Chapel)
12.45  Sext (in the St Rupert Chapel)
13.45  None (in the St Rupert Chapel)
18.35  Vespers
20.00 Compline


6.30   Matins
7.40   Lauds
9.00   Terce (in the St Rupert Chapel)
9.15   Community Mass
12.45  Sext (in the St Rupert Chapel)
16.00  None (in the St Rupert Chapel)
17.30  Vespers
19.30 Vigils (Matins of the Sunday)


Terce, Sext and None are usually sung in St Rupert’s Chapel inside the monastery enclosure and so only resident guests may attend these offices.

On Thursdays Compline is in the St Rupert Chapel to allow Exposition in th church.

On Feast Days and Solemnities Vespers is at 5.15 pm and is sung in Latin from the Antiphonale Monasticum. On some Solemnities the Convential Mass is at 6 pm.

During the Christmas Octave, Holy Week, and Easter Octave we follow a special timetable. From the 12th July (the day after the Feast of St Benedict) until the August Bank holiday we have Compline inside the monastery.

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