+ Dom Dunstan Watkins


Dunstan Watkins

Dom Dunstan Watkins

The photo is of Dom Dunstan of Ealing Abbey in August 2012 in the bread kitchen.
At only 92 years young he was a fine example of what good environment, good relationships, good food, good health, good responses to new challenges have produced in him, and how all these dimensions of living are indispensable to us as Christians and monks, indeed to every other living thing too, if we are to continue to live and grow well – even for ever.

Of your charity, pray for the repose of the soul of
Dom Dunstan Watkins
monk and priest of Ealing Abbey
who died on 17 October, 2012
in the 93rd year of his age, the 63rd year of his monastic profession
and the 60th year of his priesthood .

May he rest in peace