GARDENS at EALING ABBEY, Charlbury Grove

The Trust of St Benedict, Ealing Abbey owns and maintains several properties with different gardens.

The monastery front garden in Charlbury Grove has a fine yew hedge and a lovely planting of roses at the front door. The monastery enclosure provides views along allées and enclosed spaces for sitting. The monastery cemetery is situated at the corner of Charlbury Grove and Castlebar Road.

GARDENS at 74 Castlebar Road

Overton House’, 74 Castlebar Road, Ealing adjoins the monastery enclosure on the North- East side. It is a beautiful Victorian domestic house, which has been the home of the Benedictine Institute since 1992, and now also to College4Life.
These spacious grounds (see link for our organic gardening), now registered as ‘Benedict’s Garden’ under the Capital Growth scheme (no 2457), are cultivated by volunteers on organic principles emulating St Mary’s secret garden in Hackney.

There is an interesting built labyrinth in the north-east corner of the property. One of our most dedicated gardeners, Tomas Graves died in 2012 and we miss him much. We are always looking for more volunteer gardeners.
On Saturday 16 April 2016 we join in Big Dig Day with Capital Growth.
Every year on the first weekend in June we open this garden to the public in the Open Gardens Scheme at no cost.

GARDENS at 1 Montpelier Avenue

The property at 1 Montpelier Avenue (ground floor leased to Nursery School and above to EA Counselling Service) has a pretty front garden. The rear garden was asphalted when the building was used for the St Benedict’s Middle School.

GARDENS at 2, 3, 4 Montpelier Avenue

The properties at 2 (House for Guests) has a welcoming garden with a large horse chestnut tree. 3 Montpelier Avenue (housing the NAOS-Institute) has a garden containing a fine walnut tree. Unfortunately, the front gardens have been converted into car parking. The property at 4 Montpelier Avenue (apartments) has a private garden and the piece of ground between this house’s garden and the Abbey Church is a fruit orchard planted and cared for by parishioners.

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