Conference 2013/2 Monastic Apostolate

Monastic Apostolate of  Ealing Abbey                           23 March 2013

Ealing Abbey monastic apostolate

Ealing Abbey Coat of Arms was issued by the College of Heralds in 1955

Extracts from Fr Abbot’s conference-report to the solemnly professed members of the monastic community:

I was recently asked when sitting with a group of monks in the calefactory during recreation, “What is ‘a monastic apostolate’ or ‘the monastic apostolate’?”

In response, I indicated that I saw three dimensions to ‘monastic apostolate’.

There is (a) the life in common which we have inherited from the monastic tradition, including most notably its expression in a life of community prayer;

(b) there is the particular way of life which we live and that is given to us by our history, in our case inherited from the English Benedictine Congregation‘s traditional engagement in missionary, pastoral and educational works;

(c) there is also the contribution which any monk decides to make to the shared life of the community. On this final point I mention positively that it is the commitment of individual monks to their tasks and choices that makes things happen, that brings concrete results. Potentially this element also risks the negative effect of damaging our collective work, our life together in Christ, if there is withdrawal from the community life.images-4

These principles of “monastic apostolate” express themselves in our life together.


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