Statement of Abbot Dominic

Thursday 24 October 2019

The Abbot of Ealing on behalf of the Monastic Community of Ealing apologises profusely for the events that have given rise to very serious criticisms outlined in the Inquiry of wrongs by past members of the Community.

Any abuse of children is wicked and deeply sinful.  We accept the Inquiry’s findings that actions were not taken that could have reduced serious risk and harm to the children in our care.

The children affected are in our daily prayers and we recognise the shame brought upon us.  We also accept this.

Since 2012 whilst continuing to support the Benedictine ethos, St Benedict’s School is now an entirely separate institution and the Monastic Community exercises no control in either the governance or management of the school.

Terrible lessons have been learned about the causes and recognition of abuse and the actions that should have followed whenever any suspicions arose.

We recognise that these events have had appalling consequences on the victims and we have used our very best endeavours to ensure that this can never be repeated.