Year of Faith 3


Number 3:                   5 March 2013               Our parents

Did you ever remember and think about your parents? Perhaps they are alive or perhaps you have lost them through death or in some other way.
Surely the memory and thought of our parents can transform us. This transformation can be positive or negative


We can remember positive and helpful attitudes and actions that have taught us to trust and helped us to grow to maturity. Positive parenting can help transform us. That is why an accurate image of God as loving Father and Mother  transforms us and teaches us.

images-5Experiencing and reflecting are parts of exercising your gift of faith.
As each day we travel to work, go to a holiday spot or visit a friend we are exercising our gift of faith. We leave something behind and become someone new on our journey. In the same way, as each of us continues on the pilgrimage of our life, we hope to reach our goal.

So, faith in this sense isn’t a “thing”. Faith is a gift of doing and acting, moving towards a goal.
You may throw yourself into your husband’s or wife’s arms.
You open your arms to your children and parents and friends.
You may give yourself to a transformation in your life.

You are exercising that gift of faith that God will look after you as a parent who is good.

Divisions of race
Divisions of social class
Divisions of wealth
Divisions of privilege and power.

© Ealing Abbey, copyright 5 March 2013