Working in facilitated groups

smaller and larger facilitated groups

smaller and larger facilitated groups

Basing the work of developing facilitated groups in the Benedictine Institute at no74 Castlebar Road, and slowly reaching out, the monastery’s council and Dom James have been working with others to establish groups, often small, that can look at many issues that touch the life of the Ealing Abbey monastic community, including diversity, trauma, child sexual abuse, life together, rank and power and old age.

These initiatives are like leaves of a tree, and we are now growing a strong stem, a backbone, to support them and give nourishment and support.


Our Catholic and monastic identity is primary about who we are, whose we are and for whom we are. We want our tradition of monastic wisdom (sapiential identity) to be in conversation with other wisdom traditions; religions, no religion, psychology, sociology, anthropology, law, politics and the arts.

At the Centre for Leadership Research and Practice we are looking at how we at Ealing Abbey can develop our own Identity, Leadership and Communication


Small People: Once each month: small meeting for those working in the field of child sexual abuse (includes Fr Abbot, Lea Misan (Act for Change), Clare Cogswell, Fr Timothy, Fr Ambrose and Fr James (all monks of Ealing Abbey are welcome)

smaller and larger facilitated groups

smaller and larger facilitated groups

Restorative Circle: First Friday of each month; closed and confidential circle

Small Facilitated Groups: 2020

London Spring: Working to develop, support and practice Counselling and Therapy, with low cost therapy for victims of all kinds of abuse and oppression

Community of Practice: A supervised group for safeguarding advocates that meets every two weeks.

Annual Conference: 2020 conference on Saturday 24 October “Growing into Connectedness: Healing the History of Child sexual abuse”

Financial support no74: We  lease some rooms to a team or community of practitioners September 1 to June 31 – for process work, therapy, couples work, survivors of sex abuse, training courses.

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