Restorative Action

The Abbot, monastic community and all our organisations are undertaking a process that will include restorative practice, including liturgies and other forms of action, in order to place restorative action at the heart of our mission as monks.

Elsewhere in the past couple of decades religious and other leaders have developed a greater cross-fertilization between the realms of restorative justice, restorative theology, and restorative church practices. Could we make more deliberate efforts to encourage these cross-over conversations?

Could religious and non-religious practitioners benefit from having direct knowledge of restorative justice and practice?

Could religious leaders foster the normalization of apology and reconciliation practices if they learned how restorative frameworks can be adapted to any community setting? Can we learn what has already been happening in this fertile zone of sharing and blending, and also to add our personal contributions for how practitioners and stakeholders in all three areas can strengthen each other’s realm of work.

Restorative Practice enables the building, maintaining and repairing of relationships.  The philosophy embodies a set of values and principles and a way of working with people that provides a common language and approach and enables the practice to be taught. `

Just look here at what the people of Hull are enjoying.

Could we help Ealing become a Restorative City like Hull, Sefton, Portsmouth?

Hull Centre for Restorative Practice (HCRP) grew out of real implementations of RP which transformed schools, justice, policing, social care and most importantly, people’s lives. It is staffed by a small team of individuals each with particular sector expertise and a passion for RP and what it can do for the people of our home city of Hull, and of any town or city or organisation, anywhere. HCRP is a not-for-profit organisation providing support and skills to promote and propagate the  practical and everyday use of Restorative Practice.

Hull has taken up the challenge of becoming a Restorative City, one of four with this aim worldwide.

And in Northern Ireland: Restorative Action Following the Troubles

17 February 2020