from left to right: monastic habits of American Cassinese, Solesmes, English, Subiaco congregations

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St Michael’s Abbey, Farnborough
Colwich Abbey
Stanbrook Abbey, Wass

Order of St Benedict, Abbot Primate

English Benedictine Congregation (1216-1540, 1566-)
EBCH English Benedictine Congregation History

Subiaco Congregation, English Province (Farnborough, Pluscarden)
Subiaco Congregation, Belgian Province  (Keizersberg)

Solesmes Congregation (Quarr Abbey, Ryde)

Olivetan Congregation (Turvey Abbey monks, sisters)

Congregation of the Annunciation (Glenstal Abbey)

American Cassinese Congregation (Atchison)

Swiss American Congregation (Conception, St Meinrad)

Benedictine Adorers (Tyburn)

Grace and Compassion Benedictines

Each monastic community is to a large extent autonomous and responsible for its own financial and vocational future. Monastic communities, for historical, geographical or other reasons group together in congregation, each with its own constitutions approved and recognised by the Holy See.

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