Sacred objects

Objects for use in the divine liturgy are set apart by dedication, blessing or consecration with prayer to God that they may not be used idolatrously but as means to worship the One God, Living and True.

Such objects and decorations may include chalices, plates (patenae), vestments for clergy, altar servers and for the altar itself, censers (thuribula), candles, candlesticks, statues, images, banners, crosses, crucifixes, veils, holy water buckets and sprinklers (aspergilia), monstrances (ostensoria), canopies and liturgical umbrellas (ombrellini).

Ealing Abbey possesses a wide variety of such objects and we hope in time to to list them here and explain their use and symbolic value in the church’s liturgy.

We use sacred objects in many of our liturgies. They are all cared for by Mr Kumar Adaikalam Salethu, the Monastic & Parish Sacristan –

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