Ealing Abbey Music

The monks of Ealing have valued Christian music in its many forms as one way in which all may participate profoundly in the mystery of Christian worship.

Music, along with drama, is one of the performing arts.
We greatly value the musical traditions that have been nurtured over the years at Ealing Abbey and would like to develop them to give greater glory to God and to be of greater service to the local church.

The following list includes some of our traditions, collaborators and offerings.

Ealing Abbey Music:

Our principal focus as monks is the music of the monastic community’s liturgy and also of including others as fully as possible.

Monastic choir: the monastic community Monastic choirmaster – First Cantor – Dom Peter Burns.
We use many musical resources for our liturgies, sung in English and Latin

Ealing Abbey Choir:
Full Choir Men’s Choir
Boys’ Choir
Easter Vigil Choir
Director of the Ealing Abbey Choir – Christopher Eastwood (2006 -)
Singing Teacher to the Ealing Abbey Choir – Elisabeth Toye (2010 -)

For parish choirs, see here

Organist to the Ealing Abbey Choir – Richard Leach (2012-)
Monastic organist –   —
Monks who are organists – Dom Alexander Bevan, Dom Ambrose McCambridge
Parish Organist and for Latin vespers – Ms Cherry Willow Pauls

Organ concerts: Richard Leach: when advertised

Choir concerts: when advertised

Chaplain to the Ealing Abbey Choir – Dom Alexander Bevan –

If you desire to help us develop “Ealing Abbey Music” in any way, please feel free to contact us in writing or electronically with your suggestions.

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