Liturgical books

The authorised liturgical books along with the architectural settingmusic in its many forms, ritual have been valued by the Ealing monks as important external dimensions of catholic worship. They are media in and by which all in the assembly may participate fully and profoundly in the mystery of Christian worship.

Liturgical books – we use many written resources for our liturgies and they are cared for by Mr Kumar Adaikalam Salethu, the Monastic & Parish Sacristan –

Roman Calendar, Calendar of the English Benedictine Congregation

Sacramental and Pastoral Liturgies, Roman Missal (2010) and Missale Romanum (2002), Roman Lectionary, Gospel Book, Graduale Romanum,
Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults, Order of Christian Funerals, Order of Christian Marriage

Liturgy of the Hours in English, Order of Mattins, Order of LaudsLittle Hours, Order of Vespers and Compline (all draft editions, Ealing Abbey 2010) –
for the Liturgy of the Hours in Latin (Vespers on Feast Days and Solemnities, Antiphonale Romanum, Hymnale

Hymn books for many liturgies in English, Celebration for Everyone 

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