Monastic Liturgy

Monastic liturgy

“Live for today” – in the celebration of the church’s liturgy we learn to live both for today and for ever. Monastic liturgy, like all liturgy, is God’s participation in our lives and at the same time our human participation in the divine life. This divine-human exchange enables us to know and experience eternal values now. God is far more generous towards us than we can be towards our God. We receive far more than we can ever desire or deserve, and all we receive is gift for which we can be only thankful.

monastic liturgy

Benedictines, as all other Christians, are always engaged in proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ. Our shared community life and our celebration of the monastic liturgy are established and regulated by the Roman Catholic church. They are our principal ways of proclaiming the Good News.

Monastic liturgy’s external forms

The external dimensions of catholic worship. The architectural settingmusic in its many forms, ritual, the authorised liturgical books and sacred objects have been valued by the Ealing monks as ways in which all in the assembly may participate fully and profoundly in the mystery of Christian worship.

Our monastic community’s apostolates are all expressions of our Benedictine and monastic identity and our liturgy timetable provides for a full celebration of the liturgy of the hours and a daily eucharistic celebration

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