House for guests

“Guests are never lacking in a monastery (Rule of St Benedict ch 53)” –

monastery and house for guests

monastery and house for guests

“Visit for interest” – hospitality, which is the way we include others in our life and liturgy, is a central characteristic of monastic life. From our secure basis in our tradition we are happy to welcome guests and visitors to our monastery and to be open to listen to the ideas of others.

The monks of Ealing welcome all sorts of people to stay in our house for guests. It is part of the monastery property where single and married men and women and families may stay. We are very happy to provide retreat, quiet day and, on occasion, holiday accommodation here. Residential and non residential guests are always particularly welcome at the sung liturgy of the hours and the community mass in the Abbey Church.

Conferences and courses organised from the Study Centre, Liturgy Institute, monastery or choir often use the accommodation in the house; regular courses accommodated include  the Liturgy Institute Summer Schools (2011-17) and Latin Language Summer Schools (2007-17) in July and August, Diploma in Group Facilitation (2015-16), Monastic Musicians (each year), Benedictine Oblates and leaders and Interreligious monastic dialogue. In 2018 we look forward to welcoming the Canon Law Society of Great Britain and Ireland for their conference.

There are other things that we want all our guests to know. We cherish our silence and enclosure (separation from the outside world) and value your quiet presence with us. Please do not burden the monks or staff with many questions or demands.

contact: Fr Abbot’s secretary

ealingmonk AT DOT uk

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