Baptismal vocation

Baptismal vocation

Consider your Baptismal vocation and come to “Stay for life” – or at least “Come apart and stay a while” at Ealing Abbey. We are always happy to talk with men and women, young and old, who hope that there is more for them in life than they have discovered so far – because there is always more to discover and a way to live ever more abundantly.

Life abundant

Jesus said, “I came that they may have life and have it in abundance.” [John.10:10] and this is what a vocation to grow and discover more over a whole lifetime implies.

Everyone needs life, but with particular regard to many younger people, we are aware of many who are looking for something more, perhaps to learn new practical, professional and interpersonal skills in order to live in a fuller and richer way. You may wish to join a “Samuel Group” which is for younger people in their twenties to discover and respond to the challenges of their particular stage of life.

Our Christian life springs from our baptismal vocation


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Our Vision

To have all people respond to God’s call to their personal vocation in life.

Your Baptismal vocation: we hope

… to assist each person to discover and follow their vocation, married, single, ordained or religious

… to encourage and affirm the baptismal vocation of all

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