Volunteer staff


volunteer staff

Volunteer staff: Twitter @EAbbeyW5
The main work of a monastic community is to live together in charity, to pray and celebrate the Church’s liturgy.

Father Abbot and the whole monastic community can only do so much and we are most fortunate to enjoy the support of many volunteer and paid staff.

So you can see that the monk do some tasks; consecrated monastic living under vows
we collaborate with others in order to carry our some tasks; apostolates in parish and development
and we delegate to other in order to carry out specific tasks; for example St Benedict’s School

Volunteer staff: Trust Office

Employed staff work from the Trust Office and are responsible to Fr Prior. Human Resources and Safeguarding for the volunteer staff is organised from the Trust Office. These tasks have legal obligations and needs to be carefully monitored

Volunteer staff: Development Office

Father Abbot is setting up the Development Office from where the volunteer staff will work.
Our Volunteer staff consciously participate  in the traditions and life of the monastic community.
Come journey with us and make a difference to our world!


Helen Sparling is a volunteer helper who looks after our bees3e712c7
Nick Hodgson is a volunteer helper who looks after our bees



Volunteer staff

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