Growing Connectedness: Colloquium

Growing Connectedness is a key task that will be addressed in this one and a half day colloquium for group facilitators, psychotherapists, politicians, educators in schools, institutes, universities, seminaries, religions, practitioners in new and traditional monastic communities, health care professionals, focalisers and community builders

Facilitation – Milan Bijelič and Lea Misan

Keynote address – Prof. Fr Hans Zollner S.J.
Academic Vice-Rector, Dean of the Institute of Psychology and President of the Centre for Child Protection of the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome. He is member of the Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors and was appointed Consultor of the Congregation for the Clergy in April 2017 by Pope Francis. He is one of the leading experts on matters of safeguarding of minors and prevention of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church.

date and time: Friday 19 and Saturday 20 October 2018

place: Benedictine Institute
74 Castlebar Road W5 2DD

“Growing Connectedness colloquium” 

1400h: Introductions: Welcome by Rt Rev Martin Shipperlee, abbot of Ealing
14.30h: 1st Presentation: Psychology: Lea Misan,
“Growing in Connectedness and Healing History: a child’s view of love, trust and care”
Response by: and Discussion
15.30h: break
1545h: 2nd Presentation: Church as Institution: Tina Campbell
“Child sexual abuse from the perspective of the offender.”
Response by Lea Misan: and Discussion
16.45h: break
1700h: 3rd Presentation: A Sociological ApproachWim Vandewiele
“Sociological and Anthropological Approaches to Restorative Action and Generative Justice: Attention to hidden bombshells.”
Response by ? : and Discussion
1800h: “mapping where we are” Abbot Martin and D. James

1015h: “Mapping where we are” beginning day 2: Abbot Martin and D. James
1045h: 4th Presentation: Media and PublishingMarian Partington (The Forgiveness Project)
“If You Sit Very Still: The emerging of a book.”
Response: James Leachman             and discussion
Framing the process of the colloquium so far.
1215h:  break and lunch
1400h: 5th Presentation: Church Authority: Fr Prof Hans Zollner SJ, Pontifical Commission for the Care of Minors “How does the Catholic Church better Promote Child Protection?”
Response: Martin Shipperlee             and discussion
1500h: General discussion and forward planning, if any
16.00h: tea & farewells

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