First Development Flyer

First Flyer

Did you ever stop to think that ‘Church’ at Ealing Abbey is part of a much greater organisation? The Abbey has several important ‘Missions’, one of which is to support a Benedictine parish with parishioners led by the monastic community.

Today we would like to introduce you to some development projects which will benefit all of us who come together within the sacred space formed by the Abbey church and its precincts.

First, you may have noticed the smart new flooring which surrounds the altar and the tabernacle. The old flooring was beige carpet which had deteriorated badly. The new flooring, which works very well with the surrounding stone floor, was recently completed. Many parishioners will remember that they attended a tasty lunch organised by Concetta Wager to raise funds for this!

The next project to be tackled is the ailing sound system.  Initial quotes suggested this could cost as much as £60,000 to put right. Fortunately, a new quote from a company that performed work at the Polish church in Ealing, has brought the price to considerably less than £20,000.  Their representatives will be in the Abbey church during Lent to assess the work which needs to be undertaken.

In addition, the washrooms in the parish centre are due their own ‘wash and brush up’ and it is hoped that this will also be accomplished in the near future.

The Ealing Abbey Development Office has been formed to provide leadership for encouraging private support for projects like these from friends, corporations and foundations.  Its objectives are to advance the parochial, educational, research and service priorities of Ealing Abbey monastery.  It consists of a group including monks and lay staff and volunteers who are working to promote the life of the monastic community and its apostolate.

We are planning a meeting after Easter 2014 for those who wish to be Benefactors and to contribute to the development of Ealing Abbey.  Further details will be printed shortly in the parish bulletin.

For further details about the Ealing Abbey Development Office please see:

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