4. Virtus Lectures at Ealing Abbey

Applied Collective Intelligence

Collective Intelligence

Open Lectures at Ealing Abbey

on Applied Collective Intelligence:
sponsored by the Divina Commedia in Azione Foundation, Amsterdam, Naos-Institute and Fr Abbot Martin Shipperlee

In the Open Lectures at Ealing Abbey we aim to introduce participants to the new disciple of collective intelligence and its application . Collective intelligence, developed since the 1980’s, is the study of unconscious and social intelligence or wisdom. It has existed as long as human beings have worked together in groups as families, armies, countries and companies to meet challenges. The rise of the Internet disrupted the traditional understanding of collective intelligence by making it possible for individuals in separate locations, who may even be anonymous to each other, to work together on the same idea. These related but distinct concepts are at the forefront of the field that is attempting to understand and harness the “wisdom of the crowd.”

Collective Intelligence in relation to the Catholic Church helps the process of “persons coming to autonomous awareness and action from within the ecclesial communion”. In these lectures we hope to apply collective intelligence to the Catholic Church and today’s society.

One of the collective strategies humans use to disperse affective charges is by ritualization, ritual and rite. Benedictine communities, like many smaller and larger organisations, have the collective intelligence to institutionalise this practice in shared meals and shared rituals. One can find examples of this collective intelligence expressed in the rule of St Benedict and throughout the monastic tradition. We look forward to welcoming you to the Open Lectures.

Open Lectures

dom luigi gioia

dom luigi gioia

Introductory Lecture
Wednesday 6 May
 – Fr Luigi Gioia OSB,
“The Rule of St Benedict’s Contribution to Management” –
5pm and 8pm in the Abbey church




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