Development Discussions at Ealing Abbey

Development Discussions at Ealing Abbey

3. Development Discussions

Development Discussions

The many Friends and helpers of Ealing Abbey Monastic community have a tremendous and positive impact on the life of the monastery in many different ways. We ask you to participate in our Development Discussion and to stay in touch by consulting Twitter @EAbbeyW5

and Twitter @College4L

We welcome you to contact us:
info AT college4life DOT org

Development Discussions aims

We would like our readers, supporters, friends and oblates to share ideas, hopes and plans that you have for Ealing Abbey. We would be especially grateful for positive suggestions concerning the growth in sanctity and numbers of the monastic community.

Development Discussions reports

Members of “Development Discussion” sent out the first Development flyer in the St Benedict’s parish Sunday newsletter on Easter Day 2014.

Since his re-election Fr Abbot has continued to work with many people. Together we named Ealing Abbey activities and the locations of our activities.

We want to expand the conversation soon to include St Benedict’s Parish, Ealing Abbey Music, Benedictine Institute, Liturgy Institute, St Bede Library and Centre for Integral Humanism and working with the Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies at KU Leuven, NAOS Institute and Processwork UK.

Development Discussions objectives

Our continuing “Development Discussion” looks at how to grow Ealing Abbey and the development discussion
a) so that we can more productively work together
b) so that the discussion is self-supporting and self-directing
c) so that we at Ealing Abbey will work to “make the world a better place”
d) so that men will join and persevere in the monastic community

Development meeting

Fr Abbot and his council have commissioned a new website (December 2016)
Fr Abbot and his council are supporting the continuing education of the monks at every stage of their lives.

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Development meeting