monks of St Benedict’s Abbey, Ealing in London

Ealing Abbey monks' reception

Monks of Ealing Abbey at the Summer reception 7 July 2013

Monks of St Benedict’s Abbey, Ealing
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Monks of Ealing today

Dom Dominic Taylor        (prior 2011 – 2019, elected Abbot 9 July 2019)
Dom Alexander Bevan     (prior 30 August, 2019)
Dom Timothy Gorham     (sub-prior 2008 – )

Dom Francis Rossiter       (abbot emeritus)
Dom Martin Shipperlee   (abbot emeritus))
Dom Stanislaus Hobbs
Dom Peter Burns
Dom Andrew Hughes
Dom James Leachman    (arrived 1986) (webmaster) jl AT jamesleachman DOT com
Dom Thomas Stapleford
Dom Ambrose McCambridge
Br Bede Grey (clothed 6 March 2017, professed 17 March 2018)

Monks of Ealing in the past

xx (RIP 39 March 2020)
Dom Vincent Cooper      (RIP 11 August 2018)
Dom Dunstan Watkins   (RIP 17 October 2012)
Dom Edmund Flood       (RIP 12 July 2008)
Dom Bernard Orchard    (RIP 28 November 2006) (transferred from Downside)
Dom Kevin Horsey          (RIP 28 November 2006) (transferred from Downside)
Dom Michael Hopley     (RIP 24 August 2001)
Abbot Laurence Soper   (1991-2000)
Dom George Brown       (RIP 6 January 1996)
(transferred from Downside)
Dom Gilbert Smith        (RIP 15 December 1993)  (transferred from Downside)
Dom Clement Hayes     (RIP 5 July 1993)      (transferred from Downside)
Dom Matthew Kehoe     (RIP 31 January 1989)      (transferred from Downside)
Dom Philip Pickering     (RIP 14 March 1984)
Dom Peter Flood            (RIP 16 December 1978)
Dom Ambrose Agius     (RIP 3 March 1978) (Prior 1945-1946)  (tr. from Downside)
Dom Basil Bolton           (RIP 1 June 1976)  (transferred from Downside)
Dom Casimir Wilkins    (RIP 14 October 1975) (transferred from Downside)
Dom Dominic Young     (RIP 8 May 1966) (transferred from Downside)
Abbot Rupert Hall          (RIP 28 September 1974) (1956-1967)  (tr. from Downside)
Abbot Christopher Butler (presided at Ealing’s first abbatial election in 1955)
Abbot Charles Pontifex  (RIP 24 December 1974) (prior 1946-1955, abbot 1955-1956)  (tr. from Downside)
Dom Philip Clarke          (RIP 3 January 1973) (transferred from Downside)
Dom Dominic Young      (RIP 8 May 1966) (transferred from Downside)
Dom Gerard Hayes        (RIP 30 December 1960) (transferred from Downside)
Dom Aelred Barnes        (RIP 30 April 1960)

Monks from other monasteries who lived at Ealing Abbey

Dom Meinrad Geoghan 1955-56 from Downside
Dom Denis Agius 1945-48 from Downside, author, The Mind of Sophocles
Dom Bruno Grogan 1941-47 from Downside
Dom Stanislaus Chatterton (Prior 1938-1945) from Downside
Dom Rupert Hall 1939-1945
Dom Adrian Morey 1938-1939
Dom Austin Corney 1936-1938
Dom Dominic Young 1919-1936
Dom Edward Green 1917-1919
Dom Roger Huddleston 1917
Dom Dennis Goolden 1917
Dom Sebastian Cave 1902-1916
Dom David Knowles from Downside 1933-1939
Dom Mark Pontifex     (Prior 1938)
Dom Edward Green     (Prior 1935-1938)
Abbot Cuthbert Butler from Downside 1922-1935
Dom Benedict Kuypers (Prior 1925 -1935)
Dom Wulstan Pearsons (first conventual prior 1916-1925)
Dom Bernard Bulbeck, from Downside, took up residence in March 1897 after 20 years at Malvern till 1891, then later at Bristol.

Monk Headmasters of St Benedict’s School until Independence in 1947

Dom John Main (transferred to Mount Saviour, New York)

Benedictine Institute 

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