Ealing Abbey contact: If you wish to contact a monk or a staff employee at Ealing Abbey please seek the most appropriate link below:

Ealing Abbey

Abbot:                    RR Dom Martin Shipperlee (re-elected June 2016 third term)
Prior:                      VR Dom Dominic Taylor
Sub-prior:                R Dom Timothy Gorham

General contact information:

location of Ealing Abbey

Ealing monks

Postal address:
Ealing Abbey, Charlbury Grove,
London W5 2DY, UK

Switchboard and voicemail:
+44 (0) 20 8862 two one zero zero

e-mail: ealingmonk AT DOT uk


Twitter: @EAbbeyW5

Departments and employees:

Monastery property and maintenance:

accountable to Fr Prior
Mr Radek Melnyk
xxxxx                        (parish centre)
Mr                             (garden)

Monastery kitchen and refectory:

accountable to Fr Abbot
Mrs Marilyn Rodgers
Mr Nishi Pandit

Guest enquiries:

Mrs Julia Russell
+44 (0) 20 8862 two one zero zero

e-mail: ealingmonk AT DOT uk

Monastery carers

accountable to R. Dom Ambrose McCambridge
Mr Alan Novak
Ms Maureen Twomey

Ealing Abbey Sacristy:

sacristan: Fr Ambrose McCambridge OSB
assistant sacristan: Mr Kumar Adaikalam Salethu

Monastery cleaning and laundry:

accountable to Fr Prior
Ms Johanna xxx

House for Guests:

Ms Maureen Twomey

Tailor shop & Seamstress:


St Benedict’s Abbey Trust Office

Ealing Abbey, updated 23 August 2018