Year of Faith

Faith isn't a "thing". Faith is a gift of doing and acting, moving you to a goal. April 2013: Pope Francis to Young people At the end of Mass on 3 April in St Peter's Square, seeing that there were many young persons, the Pope addressed them: “Take this certainty to all, the Lord is alive and walks beside us in our lives. This is your mission. Take this hope forward with you. Be anchored to this hope, this anchor that is heaven. Hold tight to the lifeline. Be anchored and carry this hope … [Read more...]


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At Canterbury St Dunstan established schools and built and restored churches, offered patronage to visiting scholars from Europe, and both promoted and practised the crafts that he had learned both in his youth and in his later years (including organ-building and bell-making) and he corrected the books in the cathedral library.   for more, please follow this link … [Read more...]

Ealing Abbey

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