Benefactors of Ealing Abbey


Benefactors of Ealing Abbey

Benefactors of Ealing Abbey are an essential support of the monastic community’s life and mission through their generous financial support. We value your contribution and want to share the wealth of our monastic tradition with you. Twitter @EAbbeyW5

Benefactors give and receive

“Be generous and give”. The monks are well aware that they are living an ancient tradition of inestimable value.
We do not wish to to be criticised like those Christians who hoarded their riches and so received the lash of St James’ tongue, “Your riches are rotting”. Letter of St James 5,2

Benefactors and monks give and receive

We want to share the living monastic tradition with as many others as possible. Our valued Benefactors can help us do this.

PLANNED GIVING through our development office

ONLINE PURCHASING through easyfundraising

REGULAR DONATIONS to the monastic community

We pray for our Benefactors at the 9.15 Sung Mass on the first Saturday of each month

We remember and pray for our Benefactors, both living and departed each day

We shall plan special events for our Benefactors and volunteer helpers

For more information on all these matters please go to the Development page

Twitter @EAbbeyW5

We welcome you to contact us    

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