Rev. Dr Gergely Bakos O.S.B.

Rev Dr Gergely Bakos OSB

Dom Gergely Bakos

We are very happy to announce that Fr Abbot has appointed Rev Dr Gergely Bakos O.S.B., monk of the Archabbey of Pannonhalma as an external collaborator and member of the advisory board for our Centre for Leadership. We look forward to furthering our international collaborations.
Rev. Dr Gergely Bakos OSB

Chair of Philosophy
Sapientia Theological School of Religious Orders
Budapest, Hungary.

Dr Bakos will give the  2018 annual St Bede Lecture

at 2.30 pm
on Saturday 7 July 2018
at Ealing Abbey


From Philosophical Contemplation
Towards Fruitful Participation in the Mystery of Christ

based on the text of Sacrosanctum Concilium nº 11 and 48:

nº 11: ut fideles scienter, actuose et fructuose […] participent

nº 48: Ecclesia sollicitas curas eo intendit
ne christifideles huic fidei mysterio tamquam extranei vel muti spectatores intersint,
sed per ritus et p
eces id bene intellegentes, sacram actionem conscie, pie at actuose participent.

Some of Dr Bakos’ publications

1.     Master Eckhart as an Exegete. “Esse est Deus” – Eckhart’s Exegesis of the Divine Name In: Pierre Bühler, Fabiny Tibor (szerk.), Interpretation of Texts, Sacred and Secular. 431 p. Zürich; Budapest: Pano Verlag – Hermeneutikai Kutatóközpont, 1999. pp. 268-277. Magyar változat: „Esse est Deus”: Az Istennév exegézise Eckhart Mester Exodus kommentárjában Studia Biblica Athanasiana 3: pp. 61-73. (2000), Institutum Sancto Athanasio Nominatum, Nyíregyháza, 2000.

2.     The Mirror, the Painter and Infinity. Images and Concepts in the manuductive strategy of De visione Dei In: Inigo Bocken, Harald Schwaetzer (szerk.), Spiegel und Porträt: Zur Bedeutung zweier zentraler Bilder im Denken des Nicolas Cusanus. Maastricht: Shaker, 2005. pp. 231-246.

3.     Recovering Nicholas’s Early Ontology: A reading of the ‘De concordantia catholica’ In: Jean-Michel Counet, Stéphanie Mercier (eds.) (szerk.) Nicolas de Cues: Les méthodes d’une pensée. Louvain-la-Neuve: Institut d’ Études Médiévales de Université Catholique de Louvain, 2005. pp. 155-173.

4.     The „doctor angelicus” on Islam: Reading Thomas Aquinas’s De Rationibus Fidei, In: Péter Losonczi, Géza Xeravits (szerk.), Reflecting Diversity: historical and thematical perspectives in the Jewish and Christian tradition. Wien: LIT Verlag, 2007. pp. 63-86. (Schnittpunkte – Intersections; 1.)

5.     On Faith, Rationality, and the Other in the Late Middle Ages: A Study of Nicholas of Cusa’s Manuductive Approach to Islam Eugene: Wipf and Stock, Eugene OR, 2010. 337 p. (Princeton theological monograph series; 141.)

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